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  • Cutting & Joining Mpeg-1 & 2 with TMPGEnc

    Probably the best utility for chopping Mpeg files is TMPGEnc. You can also use M1-Edit, M2-Edit or IFilmEdit v1.4.5 if TMPGEnc fails, but TMPGEnc is usually better at it and is a free utility too. Some Mpeg files, especially those encoded using the hardware video compression of a capture card, will have problems being cut or joined together. There is no perfect tool for cutting Mpeg files, one may fail when another will work or none of them may work! Mpeg is one of those formats were was never designed to be cut up and edited. But VCD Mpegs made with BBMpeg work perfectly.

    Using TMPGEnc is my prefered choice for VCD's and SVCD's because you can cut exactly where you want. Remember, if you have a 650MB CD-R you can fit a 740MB VCD or SVCD on it. A 700MB CD-R will allow us to fit 820MB VCD's or SVCD on it. So when you cut the movie take your time, select a nice place where swapping the CD's will not annoy you (i.e. not in the middle of an action scene). Find a good scene change and cut it there. As long as each part is smaller than the full capacity of each CD you intend to put it on you will be fine.

    Before I start you will need:


    Load TMPGEnc and choose: File > Mpeg Tools...


    Cutting a Video File

    Add the movie clip you wish to cut by pressing the 'Add' button (A). Choose the video type you are trying to cut (B). So if its a normal Mpeg-1 choose 'Mpeg-1 System (Auto)'. If its a VCD use 'Mpeg-1 VideoCD'. If its SVCD then use the 'Super Video CD (VBR)' and 'Mpeg-2 Program(VBR)' for other Mpeg-2 formats.

    Browse for where you wish to save the split mpeg file and give it a name (C). Okay highlight the video clip your gonna cut (D) and hit the Edit button (E).

    Up pops the following window. Use the slider bar (A) or the Range settings (D) to select where you want this clip to start from. Once you are happy press the start at button (B). Next move the slider bar until it reaches where you want the video clip to end and press the mark end button (C).

    When you are done press OK. Then just hit the start button and your new clip will be saved, bingo!


    Joining a Video File

    Joining files is even easier, you could join 50 Mpeg files in a matter of a few minuets. Again choose the video format that you will be joining clips from with the drop-down menu (B). Just keep adding the files in the order you wish to join the together (A). If you get the order mixed up you can drag one file above the other.

    Finally choose where to save the joined mpegs (C) and press start.

    Obviously if two mpeg files are not the same they will not join. You could not, for example, join a 352 x 288 video clip with a 352 x 240 video clip. Neither could you join a video clip of 25fps with one of 29.97 and so on.

    That's all you need to know...get to work =).

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