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  • How to Convert Mp2 or Most Formats to PCM Wave

    Sooner or later you will come to a strange audio format that you cannot convert to wave. But usually if you can play the audio you can convert it with Winamp.

    DVD audio specifications state that the audio soundtrack can come in three varieties:

    1. Dolby Digital (formerly AC-3)
    2. MPEG-2
    3. PCM Wave



    PCM is lovely to get because it is the computers preferred audio format and this makes it easy to copy, just use direct stream copy and your done. AC3 is the best audio format at the moment although it is soon to be replaced by AAC audio (Advanced Audio Coding) which is like a high quality MP3 version of AC3 audio. AAC used to be called NBC (Non-Backward-Compatible), because it was not compatible with the MPEG-1 audio formats. AAC and AC-3 use similar methods of compression but AAC uses a filterbank with a finer frequency resolution giving a much better compression and playback quality.

    Anyway, sometimes you get a movie that uses a MPEG-2 (Mp2) audio track instead of AC3. This presents a problem because neither Flask Mpeg nor Ac3dec are able to decode Mp2 audio. So here are a couple of things you can do:

    If you are using Fask Mpeg, use the "Direct stream Copy" option. This will extract the Mp2 audio at the same time your video converts and should keep them in time.

    Open your Mp2 file in Winamp. Everyone knows how to use Winamp and its free of course ;^). Right-Click and choose

    Options > Preferences...

    Choose the Audio I/O tab. Now instead of the normal OUT_WAVE.DLL option, choose OUT_DISK.DLL. Press 'Apply' and Winamp will ask where you wish to save the file. Choose a location and wait until the audio is converted into a huge one and a half Gigabyte wave file.

    Now open your video file and wave file in VirtualDub (as explained in the Mpeg2avi tutorial) and convert the wave to MP3 or WMA audio.

    If you don't use Flask Mpeg

    If you don't extract the audio with Flask Mpeg, you can probably use Vstrip, Vobsnoopy, GraphEdit or the TMPGEnc's Demultiplexer to extract the Mp2 audio. Then you can convert it to Wave with Winamp as already explained. The usage of all these programs are explained in my other guides.

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