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    Important : Nicky Page will no longer be updating this web site due to personal reasons. He wishes to thank all those who have supported him throughout.

    I am very very sorry but I have had to stop replying to emails asking for help and support in regards to anything DVD, Mpeg or DivX related!

    Please don't miss this point: ALL HELP RELATED EMAIL WILL BE DELETED!!!

    I know this sounds like I am just being thoughtless, but it is the only thing I can do now. These guides are perhaps the most popular DVD and video converson guides on the Internet. We get 5-7 Million people visit here a month and I personally get 20-30 or more Emails a day that usually require quite long answers. These guides are not my livelihood and I still have to work full time to support myself. Hence, I quite honestly cannot answer you any longer =(.

    I will try my best to update my FAQ's section as often as I can.

    If you need further help please read my: GETTING MORE HELP GUIDE

    I hope you will understand.




    Do you want to copy or translate any of my Guides?

    I recieve quite a few emails from people asking permision to translate or copy parts of my guides for their own websites. There is no need to email me asking for permision to do this. I am more than happy for anyone who wishes to copy or translate my guides to do so. The only condition I will always ask is that you make sure you put a link on your website saying where you found the guide.

    For those of you who are interested in doing translations I suggest you check out DivX Digest's article section Here where you will already find some translations of my guides. This will save you some trouble if you find that the guide you wanted to translate has already been translated. If you would like to add a new tranlsation to digital digest please email the webmaster of digital digest at

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