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    "If you give a man a fish, he will have a single meal. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat all his life." - Kwan-Tzu

    Time to do some fishing of your own now :). Basically these links will take you to just about everywhere you need to go. If you have a question or a problem just post it on one of the forums and someone is bound to know the answer. You can also use the DVD and Video newsgroups that you find on Outlook Express and you can join IRC channels to chat first hand. I will explain more about how to get information and downloads this way when I have more time.

    As you can see these links are not complete but I have chosen ONLY what I consider the best links. You can go to the main Links section of Digital Digest and plough through loads of links, but these are the very best in my opinion. You will only get full program downloads, filters, plugins and detailed information here. No crappy website that repeat the same info that we already have here - in short, you should have every link you could possibly need right here.

    Note: I have numbered the websites in the order I consider to be most useful and important. To the best of my knowledge all the websites contain legal information and legal software downloads, but please remember that these are links to other peoples websites and neither I nor Digital-Digest can be held responsible for their content.


    Best Video Rip Websites
    Best Delphi Forums
    Best Download Websites
    1. Doom9
    2. DivX Digest
    3. Purpleman
    4. VCDHelp
    5. Jaspov's DVD to DivX
    1. Digital Digest
    2. Doom9's Forums
    3. Flexon (Gej's Old Stomping Ground)
    1. Apachez
    2. Digital Digest
    3. Doom9


    Best CD-R Software & Backup
    1. Game Copy World
    Best Software DVD Players
    1. PowerDVD
    2. WinDVD
    Macrovision, Region Selection & Firmware
    1. Macrovision
    2. Region Selection
    3. CD-ROM Firmware
    Windows Problems & Hardware Reviews
    1. Windows Drivers
    2. Toms Hardware Guide

    Duplication of links or content is strictly prohibited. (C) NICKY PAGE 2000