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    Piracy and Copyright

    The author of Nicky Pages' Digital Solutions does not condone or endorse piracy in any form, video or otherwise.

    This is not a 'hacking' website and does not contain copyrighted material. This website does not contain stolen or illegal decryption codes including DVD 'DeCSS' or similar copy protection schemes. The author of this website has not been involved in any part with the creation of software designed to help circumvent DVD protection schemes or with the 'hacking' of video codecs. While some of the software found on this website may have the words DeCSS or CSS as part of their names, it should be made clear that they do not contain stolen codes and are considered perfectly legal to use for backup purposes.

    This is not a 'warez' website and as such does not contain pirated software or illegal video downloads. You will find that all software available for download herein is either 'Shareware', 'Freeware' or in the public domain. If you have any concerns about the legality of any software found at this website I suggest you contact the author of the software in question directly.

    The purpose of Nicky Pages' Digital Solutions is to provide detailed information and step-by-step guides with regards to learning about all kinds of digital graphic and video authoring or manipulation techniques. Hence a great deal of these guides contain information on how one may convert from one format into another; this includes, but is not limited to, the conversion between VHS, DVD, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX ;-) and QuickTime formats.

    The laws in most countries will allow the purchaser of any copyrighted material to legally make a backup copy of that material for their own personal use. The author of this website would like to make it clear to the reader that it may be illegal to make copies or backups of any copyrighted material that you do not own in the country where you live. It may also be illegal to give others copies of copyrighted material in any form without the permission of the copyright holders. Additionally, you may also find that it is illegal in your country to circumnavigate a video or DVD copy protection scheme even if it is used solely for backup or 'fair use' purposes. If you are unsure about the laws of your country the author suggests you seek professional legal advice before reading these guides.

    It should be understood by the reader that the majority of the Mpeg-4 codecs, including DivX ;-), are altered versions of Microsoft's Mpeg-4 codec. As a result they can only be used for our own personal use and cannot be used legally for any commercial or moneymaking purposes of any kind. The exception to this is the Project Mayo DivX 4.0 codec. Since there are so many versions of the altered Mpeg-4 codec around it is your responsibility to make sure that the version/s you use are used solely for legal purposes.

    The author of Nicky Pages' Digital Solutions, Nicky Page, shall not be held responsible for the misuse of the information or software contained within this website. Neither shall he be held responsible for any action taken against you as a result of your misuse of any of the information or software contained herein.

    If you do not understand or agree with this disclaimer then you may not read or use any of the information or software contained in this website!

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